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In order to operate and survive in the international field, a mutual understanding of and insight into the cultural mindsets, reasoning, motivation and logic of the nationalities involved is crucial. All too often approaches that are accepted in one's "home" culture do not have the desired effect, or are received with surprise, irritation or incomprehension by another nationality. By creating recognition of these cultural differences an organization can considerably increase it's efficiency and effectiveness.

Itim offers a range of courses that are open for registration to all companies and individuals who would like to gain insight in the implications of culture on management issues. Our Essential,Fundamental and Specialized Courses are offered frequently throughout the year in different locations across the world. The courses are practical and relevant to the needs of you and your organisation. Based on Professor Geert Hofstede's 5-D Model, all our courses are designed to ensure lasting impact.

We welcome you to any of the following intercultural management courses (click on the links for info on course contents. Register via the button below the table).

In our Essential courses we sensitize by focusing on:

  • increasing knowledge of and insights into the importance of one's own culture in determining personal behaviours
  • highlighting the significance of cultural differences between one's own country and other countries in terms of its impact on communication and management
  • increasing your effectiveness when working in or with a foreign culture

In our Fundamental Courses we build cultural intercultural competence through:

  • addressing practical subjects such as negotiations, meetings, communication, planning, management and leadership, which are affected by cultural differences
  • combining actual and personally relevant business cases with the 5-D Model so that the learning can be applied immediately upon return to one's workplace to ensure lasting impact
  • assessing individual intercultural skills to develop one's cultural competencies further

In our Specialized Courses we focus on:

  • a specific country or region to prepare participants on how to heighten co-operation and get the most out of interactions with people from these cultures
  • a specific topic related to culture to get the most out of one's international activities; courses are offered on culture and project management, marketing, sales and virtual teams

Throughout the year we will be holding different events to offer insight into the consequences of culture for business. These events are designed to meet different companies in several countries around the world. We outline the key importance of culture at 3 levels: national, organisational and individual.

Each seminar is open to all companies and will be presented by highly skilled and experienced itim consultants. They will provide the attendees with advice and resources to use global diversity to increase their competitive edge. Furthermore, the events serve as a great opportunity for companies as a networking means to exchange ideas, information, and services amongst different organizations.

Please join us at any of the following itim events. More dates and locations will soon be launched!

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