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In Dutch we have a saying: “If you judge, you stop watching”.

The intercultural training of the ITIM international given by a very professional trainer makes you wise and curious. This training is a must to be able to make an unprejudiced judgment in different parts of the world. Not only for the expats but also for everybody who lives in this "small" world.

Trainer during the courses

Masako Kato
–Gabrielle Rosenbaum, Owner of Hestia Expatriate Consultants

“VIG faces a daunting task in bringing all of its daughter companies together, given the variety of nationalities and cultures represented. Itim's seminar was an important first step in recognizing just how important cultural differences are and how they can drive the outcome of any interaction - for the better, where one is aware of the cultural context, or for the worst, where one ignores it. Best of all, Sarah's seminar built on interactive exercises and practical examples, which helped us relate what we were learning to our daily interactions in and outside of the office”

Itim consultant involved: Sarah Herold

–Stoyan Angelov, Risk Manager (Asset Risk Management), VIG

“During the summer of 2010 Brocacef Holding NV announced a merger between two pharmacy chains, Lloyds and Escura. A crucial merger between two companies involved in the same core business. Being well aware that one of the critical conditions to make a merger a success is the effective management of organizational culture we invited itim to guide us through the process.

With the help of itim the differences in organizational culture among the two parties were made visible and tangible. That allowed us to focus first on the process of integration, while subsequently focusing on the optimalization of the new culture. Until now the cooperation with itim has led to a succesful merger within our company.

Although integration and optimalization of companies and their cultures is a time consuming process that could easily last several years, we experienced the assistance and support from itim as very helpful by speeding up this process considerably.”

Itim consultants involved: Bob Waisfisz, Karin Faase.

–Amasja Tromp, Head of HRM, Brocacef

“Itim has really helped us in merging our Dutch and Belgian operations by giving us concrete levers on how to effectively use national cultural differences in general. Itim´s organizational culture scan and advise were clear and operational. The concrete insight gives us an immediate priorization of where to focus our energy and gain quick wins in a difficult process. In the future we will conduct follow-up studies and additional integration actions.”

Itim Consultants involved: Sjaak Pappe

–Rud Heremans, HR Manager Benelux, Plantin Tetterode

“Itim helped me to prepare chairing an important meeting. It really was fascinating to see many of the national characteristics manifesting themselves in Budapest. The course made a big difference to what I was able to achieve and I certainly noticed a number of potential pitfalls that I would otherwise have walked straight into. The important thing was that I could now recognise them and act accordingly.”

–Michal G., Chair of the AEGON European Works Council

“I still consider your seminar one of the best ones ever I participated in. You gave excellent insight on how your home and company culture influence your leadership style and how this results in a match between your-self and the company, or a mismatch. As we were all Europeans we easily connected, and saw the differences, and opportunities for using each other’s strengths.

Looking back on what we did together in the Ardennes, I can see we were running very far ahead in the organization, as diversity and inclusive leadership since then have become very important values in the Volvo Group.”

Itim trainer: Christian Erfurth

–Peter Huijs, Manager Volvo Parts Logistics

“Using Itim to understand better the various cultural traits in our multinational management team has helped us to work more efficiently together as a team.”

Itim trainer: Bob Waisfisz

–Peter J. Oswald, CEO Mondi Packaging

“In my view, what you offer provides a very helpful map to permit us to navigate through the cultures we meet around the world.”

Itim trainer: Bob Waisfisz

–Anonymous, Accenture

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